Ana:)'s app

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Ana:)'s app

Post by MPx on 29/12/2014, 23:05

Since I don't want to miss the previous apps from our old forum. I will repost them here.
The following app is from:

ana:) A.K.A. ana:D

The thread will stay closed, if you want to talk about it, open a thread on General Discussion. Very Happy

Let's start

ana:)-> apply

What is your Nickname: ana:)
How old are you?: .....
How long you have been playing AssaultCube?: 9 months Very Happy
Did you was a former member of another clan?: yes,IRON
If (4) is yes, why did you leave?: i prefer be in U because i know MPx and i want be here with him
How do you contribute on Unbreakable Clan? I think that im friendly and active, i can do matches and if someone needs help i can try to help him/her Wink
Do you have an account on No, but i can do it if you need it
Do you play Gemas and Twin Towers maps?: Yes, i played GEMAS and i play that map and others Wink
Have you ever been, or are you now, blacklisted from any servers, and if so, why?: I think that no
What time zone are you in?: GMT +1
Tell us about a kind of player are you: Im a friendly and active player that like play with friends and i like have good mommets with them.
Well, if you need more information about me ask me here on in a PM Smile


ana, thanks for apply for the clan. the next what we need to do is have 3 matches on 3 differents modes [see dystropia apply topic].
You need to post the screenshots(1) and demos(2).

Hope you enjoy your stay here and welcome to U|nbreakable Forums!

(1) You can attach them on the topic.
(2) Upload the demos on some fileshare host sevice such like Dropbox (for preferences ;D)

Cya in-game!


hey ana, welcome! xD

Find me in the game and lets get some shoots for this


1st Match: TOSOK on ac_desert

missed demo Sad maybe quico can help.

2nd Match: OSOK on ac_douze

3rd Match: TDM on ac_douze

And the pub match: SURV on ac_desert3



sorry i didnt take the demos, i didnt remember it sorry Crying or Very sad


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