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AeGiS's app

Post by MPx on 30/12/2014, 00:17

Since I don't want to miss the previous apps from our old forum. I will repost them here.
The following app is from:

AeGiS A.K.A. Skinny-Dog, Roulette (He changed of nickname Razz)

The thread will stay closed, if you want to talk about it, open a thread on General Discussion.  Very Happy

Let's start

**What is your Nickname:
AeGiS ... aka Skinny-Dog

**How old are you?:
I'm very old... Nah i'm 16... Almost 17 broda!

**How long you have been playing AssaultCube?:
As far i can know, 2 years... But i left the game for a long time... I came back to AC... this time for fun Wink

**Did you was a former member of another clan?:

**If (4) is yes, why did you leave?:
I will not answer this one =)

**How do you contribute on Unbreakable Clan?
Well... I can say that i'm a veteran player Smile i know many tactics/tips that i could teach to future or possible clan members, i love to help new players or not-experience players. Also... I'm a experienced gamer in inters of CM Smile

**Do you have an account on
Yep, it's Skinny-Dog

**Do you play Gemas and Twin Towers maps?:
Not too much Smile

**Have you ever been, or are you now, blacklisted from any servers, and
if so, why?:

**What time zone are you in?:
I live in Costa Rica, GMT -6:00

**Tell us about a kind of player are you:
What's up! I'm AeGiS, aka Skinny-Dog, veteran player of AC and other type of FPS games, i'm a seriuos, strong, funny and contributive player Wink

Actually, i'm studying in school/highschool, i almost finish and i will go to the university... Yeah! But i have a problem, i can't play too much, in other words, i can't be an active player... But i always try to find a way to play Smile

I would this clan to get stronger, i'll not fail, believe in me mates!



Hey dude, welcome to forum xD

Find me, or MPx, in game and lets get 3 matches for this app.

see you soon.


Ok broda!
Just let me see which day we can have some matches!! Kinda busy this week!!



I'll be on tonight.

(10 or 12 hours from now)


Hey Skinny-Dog! Welcome to U| Forums and thanks for apply Very Happy

Up to work now! lol (actually, I should be working right now XD)

cya soon


hello, Skinny-Dog wellcome to the forum Very Happy


1st Match:

2nd Match:

3rd Match:

Pub Match:

GG's Happy Fraggin'


GG's dog xD

but, is missing the demos here.
you have them?


There's no demos Sad
S-D forgot to download them.


it was a bit incomplete, but np xD


I have the demo of the first match... :/ but nice games mates... dystropia... man ur kinda strong, same to MPx


yea, we had good games last night.

bem vindo, Roulette xD

is just for proof of documentation.


My name is AeGiS bro... not Roulette xd


I hope you are sure about this one. anyway, welcome to you


I hope you are sure about this one. anyway, welcome to you

Don't worry Smile
See you soon!


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