U| Recruiting Process & Apply

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U| Recruiting Process & Apply

Post by aegis_old on 20/6/2014, 17:35

We are in search of potential players for our clan, but more important is to search honest and good people. If you want to be part of U| clan, you MUST abide the following requirements to create your apply, remember... the recruiting requirements and process is clearly understood to avoid misunderstandings.


As a future clan member, these recruiting requierements about you MUST BE TRUE, please DO NOT lie about this information, you MUST BE:

• A mature player;
• At least 13 years old;
• Skilled player;
• Active (IMPORTANT... on clan forums, game and IRC);
• Polite or respecful player.

If these requirements are true, you can create your own application, however, you MUST know the "Recruiting Process" before your apply appears in our forums.

NOTE: Our clan have acceptance to any person, in other words, we accept males and females from any part of the world, discrimination is not tolerated.


The application process is fairly straight forward, if you are applying, these are some questions you may want to answer and talk about in your application. Answering these questions would is silly or foolish, but is necessary for you apply. This is the first test, answer the ones that you think we may see or know.
However, you must be honest and mature, don't mess up your apply. Compliments are nice, but only if you mean them.

1| What is your real name and where are you from (Country)?
2| What is your age?
3| What is your timezone? (GMT/UDT)
4| How long time you play?
5| What is your favorite weapon(s), official AC map(s) and mode(s)?
6| Past clans you have been in, if so.. why you left?
7| Past nicknames.
8| Have you ever been banned/blacklisted, if so... why?
9| How would you describe us?
10| Do you know any members of our clan? Who?
11| Who is your favorite member?
12| How did you find about U|?
13| What good will/can you bring to U|?
14| Are you applying in another clan? (If so, your app will be denied)
15| Do you have mapping skills?
16| Can you write scripts?
17| Did you read the Recruitment Process & Apply?
18| Just talk about yourself or anything else for a few sentences.
19| Some screenshots of your playing. (e.g inters, public games...)
20| What kind of music do you like? Any favorite songs? (Youtube links would be nice)

NOTE: Talking about yourself is very important to us, don't joke... this is the critical part of your apply, here, we see how your attitude is, also, this post store any IP of any member or person that read this, so be honest and don't hesitate.

Also, if you are applying to another clan and you made your app here, it will be automatically denied. If not, welcome to U| forums.

When your apply has been accepted for all clan members, you are included into a "Trial Week".
You may asking: "What is that?", a "Trial Week" is a period of time in which we decide if you will be a member of our clan.
Please read carefully to following process:


After being accepted for a trial week, the clan leaders and council members will ask the rest of the clan if they believe you will be a good candidate for trial. If she or he convinces two other members that you should be on trial,in other words, you need at least two F1 or "yes" votes and you will be on a "Trial Week".

Your application will be edited to add a POLL, this system is commonly used in any clan, so we will run the same system. In this "Voting System", all clan members will vote for your acceptance. At this point of time, YOU ARE NOT OFFICIALLY A MEMBER, but you must use this tag U?, until the trial week ends.

During this time ("Trial Week"), you'd be best to make yourself known to as many members as you can, since it's the impression left on the members that gets you in or out of the clan, in addition, you must be active on our forums and IRC and have some matches or play with our members, teamwork and activity is STRICTLY NECESSARY for your apply, in other words, we expect you respect this short set of rules for your apply, here we expetide your acceptance into our clan:

• If you are accepted for a TRIAL, you can use the tag U?  followed by your nickname, ex; U?(your name here). Once, when you get accepted on the clan, you will became a full member and use the tag U|

• Hang out in our IRC Channel and forums!
• Get to know us!
• Be nice!
• Avoid use of voicecoms, spamming, ragequits...

NOTE: you must use U? tag for whole week, so people can know that you're in the "Trial Week" of U| clan, during the trial week.


NOTE: You MUST take some screenshots as a proof of your activity with our clan members, this will show us that you're a potential player and a one that is correctly following our rules.


A poll is opened the same day that you are put up for trial, this poll stays open for ONE WHOLE WEEK, time enstablished for the "Trial Week".
The poll will have 3 options:

a) Yes please, let him/her join.
b) No thanks, i don't agree.
c) I'm not sure yet. Give him/her another week of trial please.

NOTE: Over the next week or two, U| will be assessing you, seeing if we would like you to become a member. U| have our own private forums and in them we will be discussing your actions and skills. People will also vote on you with one of those 3 options when they decide they have made their decision.
At the end of the week the poll will be counted up, this system still working until the final desicion ends.

In a way to get accepted into our clan, our voting system works like this:

- Votes for (A) option are "YES" votes.
- Votes for (B) and (C ) options are added together as "NO" votes.
- Votes for (A) and (C ) are added together as votes to be given another week for try-out if you fail to get in U|.

If you get more than 50% of total votes of (A), you will become an official member of U| clan.
If you fail to get a 50% of votes as (A), and more of (B), you will NOT become an official member of U| clan.
If you fail to get into U|, you will need to get 66% of the (A) AND (C ) votes added together to get another week(s) chance.

Good luck with your apply!

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