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U| Clan's Bio

Post by aegis_old on 20/6/2014, 17:48

From the wiki:

Unbreakable was founded on September 19, 2009 by Zarj, roughly one month after the dissolution of his previous clan, Casual Cubers. The express purpose of Unbreakable was to be a clan of well-respected and respectful players who also had a reasonable skill level. Although Unbreakable never became one of the most skillful clans, it did become a fairly popular clan in the community, and also hosted the failed 1.04 CLA vs. RSVF Tourney. Unbreakable was dissolved on November 26, 2010, due to inactivity.

You can see formers members [Inactive] by clicking here: http://wiki.cubers.net/action/view/Unbreakable

MPx decided to bring Unbreakable back. Off course is a long way to walk and basically the idea of being a leadder of a clan is something new for him. But, he think he can handle it [Don't get me wrong]. It's a new phase for sure, but he will not change the ideology of the clan, no. It will remains as is, dystropia joined to help the re-founded clan.

" Earn their respect with every word and action. Make every bullet count."

The clan is open to everyone who want to make some friends, play for fun. That is basically the objetive of any kind of on-line videogame. right? For players who think they can gain respect by respecting others, no matter what. "MPx"

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