[Update] Pizza, our new council member!

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[Update] Pizza, our new council member!

Post by MPx on 23/7/2014, 15:44

After a looong time to discuss, we get to a result and decided to upgrade Pizza as Council Member. Welcome and make the clan a better place to frag Razz

What is a council member?

A long time U| member who has a great loyalty to the clan. Council members are mature leaders who represent the clan and can be relied on by all members. New Council members are choosen by approvals, but they must have the entire clan approval.

What are his activities?

Well, as it said above, representation. This will give more credibility to others players/ppl on our communication net (IRC, Fourms, Facebook page, TS3) and in-game. If you have a doubt about the clan, don't hestiate to ask a Council member.

Cheers!  cheers


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