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ProTips by Fate

Post by MPx on 29/9/2014, 15:12

I was on BoB clan forums and I really want to share this here. There's some cool points & some broken links (yeah, I'm lazy)

ProTips by Fate

~ Introduction ~

I know this is a "guide" for 1v1s, but in retrospect I should have made this a "Protips for fragging". Surprised

Some of this stuff will be common sense or plainly straightforward, so you guys should all know most (if not all) of all the protips I'm going to suggest, but anyway, onwards.

Protip #1: Turn off auto-reload

This is probably the most important protip. You can turn this off in the settings.

Why should you turn off auto-reload?
In the middle of a firefight, you do not want to be left helpless reloading your weapon. This gives the opponent time to fire a few more bullets to finish you off. Instead of reloading when you run out of bullets, switch to pistol instead. If pistol fails, then either try to get cover and quickly reload, or try to rambo it out with your Swiss steel.

Turning off auto-reload can take some time to get used to. Feel free to practice on bots or in pubs if you have to; just getting used to the action of changing to your secondary weapon when your primary is (nearly) out of bullets. Eventually you should be doing this subconsciously - without thinking. Smile

Protip #2: Sound

This is another very important aspect. Having the ability to accurately estimate where the opponent is very valuable. Allowing you to do things such as pre-firing around a corner or anticipating and preparing yourself.

Things you need to take note of are the sounds of pickups being taken, crouches, jumps, splashes of water, and their footsteps if they're very close by. From hearing these sounds, you can [accurately] estimate and predict the location and direction of your opponent. Hearing footsteps is much easier when you disable 'own footsteps'. You can do this in the in-game menu.

Also, you would want to do as little jumps/crouches/falls as possible, as your opponent can pick up these sounds and can get an idea of your position. Try to stay as silent as possible. Even if you have a chance to do a cool edge-jump, try to resist that temptation and be ninja instead.

The following bit is only if you want that competitive edge...
"Soundwhoring" is very dependent on what headphones you are able to use, and so some others will be more proficient at pinpointing than other players. For further reading, check out this thread at Head-Fi: Click here
Personally I use the Audio Technica AD700 which is an excellent wallhack when paired with virtual surround.

Protip #3: Peripheral vision

This is another very useful way in spotting your opponent. Occasionally during a game you may spot just a quick flash disappear as you look into a corner, so be more aware of the rest of the screen, focusing on doorways and etc with your peripheral vision as you move.

Protip #4: Cover

Boxes are one of your best friends in a 1v1. When roaming around searching for your opponent, try to stay close to boxes where you can quickly go behind to and shoot. It is very hard to kill someone when the only thing you can shoot at is a head. If you encounter someone doing this, don't bother exposing yourself unless you too can get behind cover and fire back. What I would normally do if I can't get cover is to simply fall back, get health, and find him (or her?) again.

Protip #5: Camping

Yes. Camping. But not the type of camping where you stay pinned to one spot with a tent set up. I mean the type where you stay within a certain area, such as the place in Desert near CLA base with the health, helmet, and grenades.

Doing this can actually be quite useful, but only on modes where you cannot regenerate your health. Just don't overdo it though, seriously. When you overdo this, the opponent will find ways to frag you, and in the end, you'll just end up being repeatedly fragged. However when used with soundwhoring, this is damn deadly. When I know where the opponent is, and their heading, I can just lie in wait behind a low wall/box.

I suppose this also covers an aspect of "map control", where you're essentially aware of pickup spawn times and in control of superior angles of sight.

Protip #6: "Pre-firing"

This leads on from the previous tip. When you are absolutely sure that the opponent is around the corner, don't hesitate to fire a few rounds before you actually 'see' them, as they may actually end up in view, and landing those first shots is the key between being fragged, and fragging.

This is another useful tactic when the opponent has just duck for cover. Doing this and getting lucky with the timing has rewarded me with that much more frags, when faced against a tough opponent and knowing that each frag is going to go a long way. For example, I duck behind a box, so you fire a few shots where my head would be and oh-whaddya-know, I sprung back up and got fragged. Another example is when the opponent has just gone around a corner to take some cover, they almost always they pop out again almost immediately.

Protip #7: Reloading

Be wise about when you're going to reload. If you have just fired a few shots at the opponent just as they go around a corner and you're following them, DO NOT RELOAD! They're either going to spring back out and kill you while you're reloading or will prepare themselves for you to show up. Even if you have as low as 7 bullets left, try to not reload. I've had as low as 4 bullets in some instances and those 4 bullets were enough to get myself a frag; and only then may you reload after you have fragged them. But you can still reload if you know that they're low and so will not bother to try and fight it out.

Oh and another thing, when you are reloading while moving, this is a dead giveaway to your location and heading. Because of this, I tend to reload pretending to go one way, then suddenly turn around and go the other way. If all goes well, your opponent will head that way giving you an opportunity to get behind them for a fragging opportunity, or works to confuse your opponent so they're not unsure as to where you are on the map.

Protip #8: Movement

As I mentioned before, as opponents go around a corner, they almost always end up coming back and retaliate. When playing in a map, I tend to not stray too far from a certain area while keeping myself close to health and armour (Protip #5).

Yes I still move around the map but most of the time I stay in a set area where I feel "safe". Why would I do this? Well for one, there would be health nearby and armour won't be too far away, plus I can easily take cover in case the opponent comes. And also, it sometimes is a place where I am likely to encounter my opponent where I have the upper hand. As I've briefly mentioned earlier, this alludes to "map control".
Besides, this "area" may change depending on my opponent, and if their movement is different.

Another thing, try to not go around the map in a "circuit". Sometimes during 1v1s I notice my opponent to be always going along a certain "path". If you do this, it can help your opponent predict where you are or going to be. If they notice you're at this place, then they can move to the place where you're likely going to be and you could end up getting surprised.
If you tend to go around maps as a circuit, then try to "randomize" your movements. An example would be moving towards a certain 'path' then suddenly changing your mind and heading elsewhere. This helps to throw off your opponent trying to identify your location.

Your movement can also complement your aiming, though I'll explain why when I actually talk about aiming.

Protip #9: Armour

Well... This one is pretty much self-explanatory... Just remember to take in what I said about your movement.

Protip #10: Aiming

Again, like the previous protip, this is quite self-explanatory. Yeah it is hard to improve your aiming but there are ways to "help" you aim.

* Sensitivity
It really does help to adjust your sensitivity to what you are most used to. You may wish to fiddle around with your sensitivity and to see whether lower sensitivity or higher sensitivity suits you best. And if you're changing your sensitivity along with your DPI, make sure you adjust accordingly. For example, a sensitivity of 1 on 800dpi will be a sensitivity of 0.25 on 3200dpi.
Formula for finding equivalent sens when using new DPI: Current sens / (New DPI / Old DPI ) = New sens

* Space
Make sure you have enough space to move your mouse with the sensitivity you're using. It's pointless having low sensitivity when the space you have is roughly the size of your palm.

* Body temperature
It really does help to be warm. No use trying to play well when you're feeling cold. When I try to play when I'm feeling cold, my aim tends to be all "jittery" and "shaky" instead of being "smooth" and "steady".

As for improving your aim, I can't say a lot apart from frequently practicing against someone who is better than you. Instead of playing Deathmatch, play Survivor instead, where the variable of pickups is practically gone. This way all that is going to matter is your aiming and movement.

If you wish, having hitsounds turned on (/hitsound 1) may help, as well as seeing your accuracy (/accuracy 1)

And one more thing, if your crosshair isn't over your opponent, let go of the trigger and re-adjust your aim. I find that this helped me get better over time. For longer range engagements, either try firing single shots or in quick bursts (around 3 rounds for AR, 5 for SMG). If you want to full spray with AR, then keep your crosshair on the opponents legs (though again, not as good as bursting). Don't bother spraying with SMG at longer ranges.

As I've mentioned earlier, your movement can complement your aim. I don't really know how to explain it but you can indirectly "aim" by using your keyboard. You can move so that you don't have to move your crosshair as much. A basic example would be moving in the same direction as your opponent (i.e. to the left) so that your crosshair is also moving to the left without having to move the mouse as much.

The mouse you use can also have a profound effect on your aiming skill. I'm not going to bother writing more about mice since that's what Google is for, but basically a better mouse with a good sensor leads to better tracking performance and thus you'll have better control of the crosshair. Just note that laser sensors have acceleration at the hardware level and thus I find it inferior to (some) optical sensors. You will also have to factor in its shape so that it suits your grip style.

Mice I recommend:

Razer Deathadder (3G or 2013)
Zowie FK/AM/EC
Logitech G400s
Razer Abyssus
CM Spawn/Xornet

I suppose other mice (i.e. laser ones) would work too, but again, hardware acceleration is a no-no for me. Some laser mice will perform great though, and have very little (almost unnoticeable) acceleration. An example is the Steelseries Sensei [Raw]. While some players do like to use acceleration, it is still best to use a mouse without acceleration at the hardware level as it's usually inconsistent (e.g. with the Sensei, acceleration changes between 5%-10% depending on tracking speed), and instead use software acceleration within the game or OS.

I haven't found a comprehensive guide/comparison on mice like that thread on Head-Fi for headphones, but this and this may still be interesting and helpful.

Protip #11: Concentration

This is also self-explanatory. Try to solely concentrate on your opponent, and stay free from distractions. If you're opponent's whining is starting to dig in, don't hesitate to /ignore cn them (yes that is a real command). I personally cannot play properly when after every frag I receive complaints of "lag" and "luck" and the like.

Another thing to tackle is your anger. If you're playing bad or losing (pretty badly) and you know that you're not playing very well for some reason, don't let your anger get the best of you. It will only bring you down even more. Try to calm yourself down. Breathe. Count to 10.

This also applies when you're feeling somewhat nervous just as the 1v1 is about to start. I do not play well at all when I am nervous. Do what you can to calm down. Try to slow your breathing, take deep breaths when you get fragged, and maybe even hold your breath for a few seconds.
Just like when playing when I'm feeling cold, my aim tends to spazz when I'm nervous.

Also, get rid of "outcome dependancy". Click here for further reading. It talks about having that "champion's mindset" and what it takes for you to become a better, and stronger player mentally which will translate to better performance in-game.

Protip #12: "Know your enemy"

Heh... yeah this is quite an old proverb, but is actually quite relevant. Take in information about your opponent during your duel. Take particular notes of their movement, playing style, and any areas that they tend to hang around. Using this knowledge along with the previous tips such as taking cover will get you those few extra frags, especially when the winner can't be decided by who has the better aim because you're both more or less equal.
Knowledge is power. Smile

Protip #13: Graphics settings

(I know this will be mostly dependent on your system's hardware specs and your preferences..)
Before every game I like to max out the fog setting so I can see more clearly. Do this with the /fog 1024 command. It helps not having a haze over everything on some maps.

Another thing is adjusting the gamma. If you haven't done so already, some maps are dark or have dark spots where your opponent could be lurking/hiding. I compensate for this by adjusting my gamma to 200. You don't have to set the same number as me because your screen will also be a variable. Set the gamma to be whatever suits you the best. The command is for gamma is... well... /gamma.

Also, if you don't mind playing with "bad" graphics, use the low-res textures. For me personally, it makes it easier to spot the opponent. /texreduce -1
Setting the team playerskin to "full color" helps to make identifying another player even easier. /teamdisplaymode 2


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Re: ProTips by Fate

Post by dystropia on 29/9/2014, 15:34

Nice tips.
I already use it all, except Auto-reload off just because i always shoot and run, or hide.
Is the way i got used to playing, sometimes it gives me the advantage, sometimes a disadvantage.


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Re: ProTips by Fate

Post by AeGiS on 29/9/2014, 20:32

Yeah, those tips are very useful, I trained pizza with them, now she has more skills

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Re: ProTips by Fate

Post by pizza on 30/9/2014, 18:35

Yup, very useful.


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Re: ProTips by Fate

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